The West Kilbride Golf Club
As from tomorrow the 18th May all newly turfed bunker surrounds and the mound at 18 will be back in play. (updated 17 May at 14:15)

During October we have been busy on the course continuing our turf maintenance work and starting our winter programme.


The following work has been carried out on the course:

  • All the tees were scarified to a depth of 10mm then Verti-drained to a depth of 250mm. This removes thatch and fibrous matter and encourages finer grasses to thrive and the deeper aeration creates spaces in the soil to encourage root growth, reduce compaction and aid the removal of any surface water.
  • The wetter surrounds were also scarified, tined and vertidrained. The remaining surrounds were all solid tined.
  • An application of top-dressing was then applied to the tees and surrounds as well as interseeding being carried on these surfaces.
  • Bunker tops and walk-off areas were also nail boarded, seeded and dressed.
  • A fertiliser (6-0-27) was then applied to all surrounds to help with seed germination, and to help harden the turf going into the winter months.
  • General course maintenance was also carried out with all strimming being done, tee banks cut, sprinkler heads trimmed, semi and rough being cut as well as regular cutting of greens, tees, fairways and surrounds.
  • Yardage markers were also trimmed.
  • All drainage outlets on the beach have been cleaned out.


On The Greens:

  • All greens have had another top-dressing as well as being overseeded. 0.5 tonne per green.
  • Seaweed and wetting agent was applied to help with recovery and seed germination.
  • An application of liquid aeration was also applied to help break down the black layer within the soil profile.
  • Disease pressure was high in October so a fungicide was applied to help control any turf disease. This has been very noticeable on an area of our problem 11th green and some scaring is still visible but the affected areas are starting to fill in. These scars been sprayed with iron, copper, zinc and manganese. Inter-seeding and light dressings have also been carried out to help with recovery.
  • Greens are now being cut at 5mm and are being cut 2-3 times per week depending on growth.


Winter Programme:
The winter programme is now underway with the fairway bunker and left greenside bunker at the 6th both been re-built. The bunker at the right of the 1st fairway and left of the 17th fairway are also near completion. We will be moving on to re-build the 16th bunkers once these two bunkers are complete.


Other Course Matters:
The post and gate at the 14th will be repaired over the next couple of weeks.


Richard Fulton
Head Greenkeeper