The West Kilbride Golf Club
As from tomorrow the 18th May all newly turfed bunker surrounds and the mound at 18 will be back in play. (updated 17 May at 14:15)

West Kilbride Golf Club May Links Report 2021

During the first part of this month there was very little growth and the rainfall figure was 21mm with the average being 87mm for the month of May.


The following work has been carried out on the course during May.

  • All outfield and walk-off areas have been fertilised.
  • Sprinkler heads were trimmed.
  • All new grass bunkers have been weed-killed and several other bunkers have had grass and weeds burned using a roofing torch to keep the bunker faces clean.
  • Several tees have been overseeded and we have started seeding some of the weaker surrounds. We are using a Barenbrug fescue/ rye mix which is slightly harder wearing. This maintenance practice will continue over the next couple of months as the ground temperatures remain high.
  • The tees have been sprayed with Wetting agent, seaweed and chelated iron to maintain moisture, help with seed establishment and to promote colour.
  • Divoting has been carried out as much as possible on the tees and landing areas.
  • Granular wetting agent has been applied to the 11th, the 3-flag green, several bunker tops and surrounds and the pathways at 14 and 18. This product contains zeolites which will basically help these areas maintain moisture and hold nutrient for a longer period of time to help withstand stress from dry weather and wear.
  • Selective weedkiller has been applied to all rough areas on the course this will help reduce the amount of clover in these areas.
  • Fairways have been continued to be sprayed with wetting agent, urea, and seaweed to help with growth and recovery after the recent dry weather.
  • The burn across the 1st and 16th has been fly-mowed and strimmed and all debris has been removed from the base of the burn.
  • Strimming of posts, signs, walls is ongoing regularly throughout the summer months.
  • Fly-mowing of bunkers is being carried out every 2nd week.
  • Bunker sand was added into bunkers at the 9th and the right- hand green side bunker at 10.


On the greens

  • The greens have been verti-cut and double cut as growth and poa seedhead activity has increased.
  • The greens are being cut 5-6 days per week and are being cut at 3.5 mm
  • Monthly wetting agent, seaweed and amino has been applied
  • Regular brushing and an application of Potassium silicate has been applied to help stand the grass and poa seed-heads up to give a cleaner cut and smooth ball roll.


Course Matters

  • Irrigation repairs are on-going with several decoders needing replaced and I am waiting for the control valves at the 17th green to be replaced as there is an electrical fault in these boxes.
  • John Bond has started his Level 3 greenkeeping course which will provide him further knowledge and understanding as he progresses in his deputy management role.


Richard Fulton

Head Greenkeeper