The West Kilbride Golf Club
As from tomorrow the 18th May all newly turfed bunker surrounds and the mound at 18 will be back in play. (updated 17 May at 14:15)


Firstly, I would like to wish all the members a Happy New Year and all the very best for 2023.

Work has commenced at the practice area with preparation for the path and sub-base for the practice nets. We have started lifting the turf and this will be used to finish the 2nd bunker, rebuild the 12th bunker on the right hand side and for turfing around the newly re-built bunkers. The 2nd bunker is near completion with some landscaping and backfilling to finish. 

During the two-week period of frost and cold weather during December areas of gorse and scrub were trimmed back at the left-hand side of the 5th tee and path, behind the 9th and 10th tees, left-hand side of the 15th blue tee and off the front and side of the 18th blue tee. Further gorse was trimmed between the 2nd and 6th tee and the leggy gorse was removed between the 3rd and 5th. These areas remain GUR will be dug out and fresh gorse re-planted in the February.

We had discovered a blocked drain just off the 1st tee. This was dug up to expose the pipe and rodded to clear the blockage. This has now been repaired and ground re-instated.

Further Drainage work has been carried out on the drains at the 11th tee, 14th fairway and currently at the 2nd fairway. The 11th and 14th drains have been rodded and seem to be flowing well these will be re-inspected again when the water table and levels have a chance to drop. We have discovered a drainage chamber which is sitting full near the burn, this has been rodded but is still not dropping. It coulf be potentially roots that is causing the problem thus causing the water to back up onto the 2nd fairway. Digging out a small section maybe required to allow further inspection of the pipe.

The sink hole at the 3rd was opened up and inspected. There was a gap in the tile drain, this has now been repaired and covered with the new pipe and fresh gravel added. The ground has been re-turfed and will remain GUR for the time being.

The greens were rolled in early December, cut and then sprayed for a preventative fungicide. The height of the cut is now 7mm.

Holes were changed prior to the Christmas holidays and then before the January medal.

Regular divotting has been carried out on the tees, divot boxes have been filled as well as all bins been emptied on the course.

Richard Fulton

Head Greenkeeper