The West Kilbride Golf Club
Practice nets now open (updated 19 April at 11:58)



The month of May has not been a particularly great weather wise as it has been cold, wet with 80mm of rainfall and windy as our spraying days have been few and far between. Growth was slow during the early part of May but has now kicked in as we are now able to create greater definition throughout the course.


The following work has been carried out on the course:

·       Regular cutting of all areas has been carried out on all areas of the course.

·       Aeration work has been carried out on the greens using the Air 2-G-2.

·       All bunkers have been fly-mowed and edged.

·       All strimming of posts, signs, steps and walls has been carried out.

·       The banking at the car park has been strimmed and tidied.

·       The burn across the 1st down to 16 has been fly-mowed and strimmed

·       The long grass at the bottom of gorse has been cut on several holes.

·       Yardage markers and sprinkler heads were all cut and trimmed.

·       The car park and clubhouse area have been sprayed with total weedkiller.

·       The irrigation cable at the practice bay has been repaired after being cut by the contractors when digging out the foundations for the bays.

·       All walkways and weaker areas have been overseeded and fertilised.

·       Tees have been sprayed with selective weedkiller, wetting agent and a turf tonic.

·       Selective weedkilling will commence on other areas of the course.

·       Sand has been added to the fairway bunker at 14.


On The Greens:

·       The greens have been Verti-cut and top-dressed applying around ½ tonne per green.

·       A second application of Attraxor has been sprayed to help control seedhead activity.

·       Wetting agent and a turf tonic have been applied.

·       Several weaker greens and areas have been Sarel rolled and overseeded.

·       The height of cut on the greens is now 3.5mm and they are being cut or rolled 5-6 days during the week.


Other course news:

·       Our seasonal helper Jamie Lynsey has started with us and will work through till the middle of September.

·       I have organised a demonstration of new fairway mowers as our current one is due to be replaced within the rolling machinery programme.

·       The new petrol tank has been delivered and the electrician is due in on the 6th of June to install the electrics for the pump.

·       The plumber is also due in within the next couple of weeks to install the water fountain.


May I remind all golfers to ensure that bunkers are raked after playing your shot and to place the rakes in the centre of bunkers.


Richard Fulton

Head greenkeeper.