The West Kilbride Golf Club
All greens on today apart from temporary green at the 11th. Tees will be hollow tined if dry. (updated 22 January at 08:03)
Membership Categories

If you would like to join us at The West Kilbride Golf Club, we have various payment options available to help spread the cost.

Membership Subscriptions 2018

Ordinary £773.00
Five-Day £541.10
Country £386.50
Intermediate (age 29) £695.70
Intermediate (age 28) £618.40
Intermediate (age 27) £541.10
Intermediate (age 26) £463.80
Youth (age 18-25) £386.50
Juniors (age 15-17) £155.00
Juniors (age 12-14) £130.00
Juniors (9-11) £105.00
House and Social £90.00*

* House and Social memberships attract VAT

Entrance Fees

These are applicable to Ordinary, Country, Intermediate and Youth memberships and are currently the same amount as the annual Subscription.  Entrance Fees can be paid over 5 years.

(You cannot join the Club as a 5-day member, you may only transfer to this category after being an Ordinary member of the Club for a specific amount of time).

Social members pay a £50.00 Entrance Fee.

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