The West Kilbride Golf Club
Practice nets now open (updated 19 April at 11:58)

West Kilbride June Links Report 2022

June has been a busy month in preparation for the Club Championship. Well done to all the winners who unfortunately had to endure some horrendous weather during the final’s day.

We have had around 40mm of rainfall during June and the temperatures have been below average for this time of year which has not been helped by the strong winds that we have been encountering.


The following work has been carried out on the course.

·       Selective weedkilling has been carried out on the course and will be on-going as required over the next couple of months.

·       Several weaker fairways have been sprayed during periods of rainfall with wetting agent, liquid feed, seaweed and amino acids to help promote growth and retain moisture.

·       All tees and surrounds have been sprayed with wetting agent, selective weedkiller, liquid feed and liquid iron.

·       Weaker growing areas on the course have had an application of granular fertiliser applied.

·       All bare areas around the greens are been nail-boarded, overseeded and top-dressed.

·       We are continuing to treat toad rush which is a weed that will flourish in wet conditions. It will also thrive where excessive thatch has been built up over a number of years. It is present in several areas around the course and is mainly in the surrounds and also on some greens and perimeters. It can be transferred by foot traffic and it will stand out when we are close cutting as it becomes lighter in colour as it is stressed out. Aeration, top-dressing will help dry it out and slow its growth habits down. We are also square cutting and plugging out the worst areas in particular on the 1st green. A selective herbicide is also being used to help stop spore germination and further invasion which has been carried out on infected areas on the 4th and 8th greens.

·       All pathways have been weed-killed.

·       Part of the burn at the 1st has been dug out and tidied.

·       Irrigation maintenance on the course is on-going as we are continuing to repair and adjust the system as required. The system is over 40 years old which is 15 years over its life expectancy. I have spoken to an irrigation engineer Giles Wardle from Irriplan Ltd to come in and give us a quote for a new system. Giles was involved with the recent installation of irrigation at Royal Troon and Prestwick St Nicholas.

·       As usual at this time of year all general maintenance and cutting has been carried out.

·       Divoting is being carried out as much as possible. I plan to bring in the junior members as much as possible to help with this over the summer holidays.

·       The rose bed at the clubhouse has been tidied.


·       The greens have had further applications of Attraxor to control the seed-heads

·       Monthly wetting agent has been applied along with a liquid feed.

·       A preventative fungicide has been applied as soil temperatures rise which is ideal for turf disease to occur.

·       All greens have now been Sarel rolled to alleviate tightness in the top-surface and micro-tined to reduce compaction.

·       The greens have been overseeded using all bent cultivars and will be fed using 8-0-0 fertiliser. This will help to increase germination and increase nutrition levels after the recent increased cutting and rolling for the club championship weeks.

·       The 11th green is being maintained differently to the rest of the greens as it tends to leach more nutrients and dry out quicker than the other surfaces. This is partly due to the shallower and weaker root system but this will improve through time.


·       The water fountain at the 9th tee has now been installed.

·       The petrol tank has now been installed at the greenkeeping sheds. A brick bund will be erected around the base to contain any fuel spillages.

·       I have asked for a quote to repair the stone dyke wall at the 11th

·       I have also asked from a quote to cut back and remove the wild rose bushes on the 10th holes and to re-instate the boundary fence behind the 10th green as requested.

·       Extra yellow posts have been put out at the burn at the 1st to highlight the hazard especially for visitors.


Rick Fulton

Head Greenkeeper.