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Good morning. Enjoy your round. (updated 16 July at 07:10)

Despite receiving heavy rainfall at times through the summer months, feedback on the condition of the course and greens in particular, has been very positive.  Committee are working hard with the Course Manager to try and present the course in the same manner from right at the beginning of the season.

The new bunkers have been generally well received by both members and visitors.  We intend to maintain the turf surrounds at a slightly longer length until we are satisfied that they are fully established.  The height of cut will be reduced in due course but we will be encouraging members to stay off these areas throughout the winter and we appreciate your co-operation with this.

As per safety request from members we have installed wooden steps at bunkers on holes 5, 12 and 15.

The greens have been running very true and at a good speed (9.0/10.6 feet) and it is our aim to get them playing to this standard on a longer basis.

Pitch marks - there has been a marked increase in the amount of pitch marks on greens that are not being repaired and as mentioned in previous newsletters this can then lead to unsightly marks and  unwanted poa annua grasses thriving.  I would ask that all members promptly repair their own and if possible at least one other.  If this were to happen then in a very short time there would be no un-repaired pitch marks on OUR course.

Divot bags - these  were introduced in late July to try and reduce the time spent by staff filling in old divots and more importantly allowing divots holes to repair sooner.  Helping to repair divots this way is purely voluntary but we would be grateful if some more members gave it a go.

Agronomist – greens soil samples have regularly been taken and sent away for analysis but it has been several years since we had a visit from an agronomist.  Richard Windows of STRI visited the course on Monday 18th September to carry out an inspection and we await his report which will be available to members.

Winter programme  - (beginning early October)

Drainage - we will be continuing with our ongoing drainage programme beginning with laying new drain lines down both the right and left hand sides of the 18th fairway (drains from the fairway bunkers at 1 and 18 noted below, will tap into them also).

Next, we will be finishing off the work started last winter from the ditch at the 1st hole across the practice fairway towards the 16th. The wet areas from the 3rd fairway across the 5th, 7th and under the13th green and 14th tee may possibly require us to bring in contractors (awaiting quotes).

Bunkers - now that Souters have completed their bunker work, our own staff will be refurbishing the remainder of the bunkers on the course over the next few years.

Initially this winter we will begin by starting work on the left hand bunker at the 1st fairway then the right hand bunker at the 18th fairway (to make them more visible from the tees) then the left hand bunker at the 6th green and the  bunker at the 8th green.

During the time that some of the above work is being carried out some temporary tees/greens may require to be used.

The area of rough between the 3rd and 5th fairways from the left hand fairway bunker to the right of way across 3 and 5 will, as per last year be cut to 4 inch height and the whole area will be sprayed with Rescue to try and reduce the amount of thick meadow grasses and promote finer fescue grasses (will probably necessitate more applications over the next few winters as well).

The perimeter fence along the 1st fairway will be repaired (in house or contractor).



J.D. Devlin
Greens Convener



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