The West Kilbride Golf Club
Temporary green at the 11th. (updated 22 February at 07:42)

Dear Member,

Our greens staff have carried out some gorse management recently. As well as some general maintenance, they have also opened up other areas for health and safety reasons, e.g. players on tees now being able to see other golfers on the course.

We have now purchased a supply of "ACELEPRYN", a new treatment to combat the leatherjackets that blighted our greens this season. We will be applying this to greens, approaches and tees in the near future.

With the recent rainfall, the course is now much softer in some areas, resulting in more players taking "divots". I would ask that players make use of the divot bags available at the first tee to fill in their divots as they go round.

Joe D. Devlin
Greens Convener