The West Kilbride Golf Club
Good morning. Enjoy your round. (updated 16 July at 07:10)

Dear member,


As of Monday the 7th of May 2018, the ball is to be played "AS IT LIES" as the following two local rules will no longer be in operation -

1. "preferred lies".

2. "free relief from tractor marks".

Joe D. Devlin,
Greens Convener


A new divot bag stand is now in place at the first tee.

I would be obliged if members would take a divot bag with them and fill in their divots as they play.

This will help considerably in the quicker repair of divots on the course.

Again I ask that members repair their pitch marks (and if possible one other) on the greens.

Joe D. Devlin
Greens Convener