The West Kilbride Golf Club
Course open. Temporary greens. Caddy cars and buggies permitted. Winter conditions. Please lift off fairways or use a mat. Job Opportunity, see 'THE CLUB, PRO SHOP'. (updated 22 January at 08:32)

Course Newsletter - May 2017



After a long winter of disruption on the course, the new bunkers are finally in play.  The response from our members at this early stage is very complimentary, both in their appearance and playability.  Please remember to leave all bunkers in a way that you would wish to find them.

The downside of all the work carried out by the contractors is that several areas of the course e.g. the 15th, 16th and 17th fairways required a lot of repair work.  Areas still requiring attention will continue to be worked on.

The first week in May also promises to be very dry so we will continue to water areas where the new turf has been laid.



The wooden sleepers at the burn between the 16th and 17th fairways have been replaced by concrete channels.  It is anticipated that this will ensure a stronger and longer lasting alternative.  The banking at 16 has already been shaped and turfed and the remaining area towards the 17th fairway will receive the same treatment this coming winter. 

The bridge at the burn on the 1st hole has now been re-instated.



A regular program of light top dressing and tining will be carried out on the greens over the summer to encourage firm and true surfaces. 


Pitch Marks

There are still too many pitch marks left on the greens.  If every one of us repaired their own plus one other, there would be no pitch marks on the green after only one weekend.  The small amount of extra time that it takes to do this would have an enormous effect on our greens.



Several areas of the course requiring extensive drainage work have been identified.  The area in front of the 17th tee, the landing area at hole 3 and at several other places have already been worked on by our own staff. 


Practice area

Nets are back in use and play has resumed from the grass.  Please only play from the roped off area to allow turf to recover.  When you have finished your practice, please fill in any divots and collect all your balls.


Playing Conditions

As of the 25th April, preferred lies no longer apply.  However, free relief from ‘abnormal ground conditions’ (eg. contractors tractor marks) is still in force until further notice.


As a result of the recent bunker changes, a representative of Sky Caddie was at the course on Tuesday 18th April to re-measure it.  Please check out our Twitter page ‘West Kilbride Golf’ to see how he got on.


It is your course so please look after it.


Joe Devlin

Greens Convener