The West Kilbride Golf Club
Course open. Full greens apart from temporary green at 11. Caddy cars and buggies permitted. Winter conditions. Please lift off fairways or use a mat. Please follow white lines. (updated 20 February at 08:16)


DRAINAGE - Over the last weekend in January nearly 67mm of rain fell in the local area.  This equates to approximately 5.75 million  gallons of water that fell on the course over this very short period of time.  As a result of this, the course was closed all day on Tuesday 31st January (see photographs below).  However, as a result of the work previously carried out by our own staff earlier this season at the front right of the 1st green and also at the front of the 13th green there was no lying water on the Wednesday morning at either location.  Michael is presently working on drainage at the bottom of the slope on the 3rd fairway to try and improve this area.

We are currently awaiting the results of an in-depth survey on what steps are now needed to improve drainage across the course as a whole (in particular the area from the front of the 1st tee, right across the front of the 18th green, practice area, 17th tee and the 16th green).

13th Hole                                   14th Hole

BUNKERS – Souters have recently completed work on the two green side bunkers at the 15th.  They have now moved on to the two left hand fairway bunkers and both green side bunkers at 18 and will complete the construction phase by shaping the left green side bunker at 12.  All that then remains is for Souters to fill all the new bunkers with Kings, Bunker 8 sand.  Two of our own staff (John and Robbie) have worked on the two right hand side bunkers at the 12th (revetting and drainage) and we have already received comments about the high standard of their work.  Two of the younger team members, Andrew and David, have worked with Souters throughout the project and have learnt some valuable new skills which can be utilised on the course going forward.

PRACTICE AREA - When all the bunker work is completed, Souters will re-turf the area at the top of the practice area.

BURN - At present, estimates are being considered for work to improve the burn between the 17th and 16th (please take care when near the area where the sleepers have been removed).

GORSE – A recent course walk identified numerous areas on the course where gorse (and brambles) require to be cut back.  There are other areas on the course where planting of new gorse could be carried out.

GREENS -  Please repair pitch marks (at this time of year even a ball landing "softly" makes a mark).

TEES - Please fill in your divots using the materials provided at the par 3's and also some par 4's.

FAIRWAYS - It was reported recently that some (very few) players are playing from the fairways using wedges etc.  Please note that irrespective of how near or far that you are from the main or temporary green ONLY a PUTTER can be used.